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Readers Respond: How to Root Plants from Cuttings

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Let's talk about rooting cuttings: what works, what doesn't, and what's just plain silly ...

Problems rooting Blueberry cuttings

These Blueberry videos are all basically the same. They tell you how to cut the cuttings stick in rooting hormone and then in soil. Then leave you there. Nothing about daily care and watering. How long it takes to root. I also wonder if you could root the cuttings in water? I have tried 3 times this year to root Blueberry cuttings with no success. I tried the wood box with sand and an aquarium dome for humidity after a day the cuttings all turned brown. I have tried no dome no success. I am trying this time with a plastic dish pan with a mix of Perlite / sand then the cuttings inside a white garbage bag. Any more information appreciated. mail (at) mikealrhughes (dot) com
—Guest macmike


how to propagate roots on rose cuttings and orchids
—Guest naaz


I need advice on how to look after a peace lily.I have kept it dry--wet--in shede and light. The leaves are droopy and its on its way out.Its clearly not happy.help!!!

Cuttings using rooting hormone

Hello, I have experimented using a cutting from a goosefoot plant and so far so good, I have not seen any new growth yet but the plant is firm and stable and there are no signs of wilting or loss of leaves. I have my fingers crossed. :O)
—Guest Kim


I like to get the information about propagation of orchids & cactus,succulents.
—Guest sabitri

boston fern

the way I treat my boston fern is--instead of misting it--I tip it on its side in the kitchen sink and pour tepid washing up water over it with a mug---then I emerse all the leaves under the water for a bit and move about.I do this once a week and its looking so much better than when I misted it.This way it all gets a good soak.Any comments???

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