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Plant Profiles

Different types of common houseplants are described, including bulbs, ferns, foliage plants, succulents and cacti, poinsettias, vines, meat-eating plants, palms, fruits and edible plants, flowering plants, and bonsai.
  1. Bonsai (1)
  2. Bromeliads (5)
  3. Easy Plants (21)
  4. Ferns (18)
  5. Foliage & Flowering Plants (47)
  6. Foliage and Flowering Plants (19)
  7. Indoor plants (4)
  8. More Foliage Plants (20)
  9. Orchids (11)
  10. Palms (13)
  11. Plant Profiles 2013 (20)
  12. Plant Profiles, Part V (20)
  13. Profiles of houseplants (0)
  14. Succulents and Cacti (19)
  15. Tropical Plants (20)

Plant Index, A-Z
A complete index to houseplants, including photos and growing tips for dozens of popular species.

Growing Lucky Bamboo
How to grow, trim and propagate lucky bamboo plants, including tips on troubleshooting yellowing and diseased plants.

Casimiroa—Growing White Sapote

Pouteria sapote—Growing Mamey Sapote

Diospyros digyna—Growing Black Sapote
Tips on how to propagate and grow black sapote (or chocolate sapote), including advice on watering and potting for best results.

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