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Succulents and Cacti

A guide to commonly grown indoor succulents and cacti.

Cactus Basics
Growing great cacti, including tips for both desert cacti and the forest cacti.

Succulents Basics
How to grow healthy succulents and desert plants, including tips on watering, light levels and temperature.

Aeonium—How to Grow Stonecrop Plants Indoors
Tips on how to grow the Aeonium plant indoors, including advice on watering, fertilizer and light levels

Aloe -- How to Grow Aloe Plants
How to grow plants from the Aloe genus, including Aloe vera and other decorative Aloe plants. Aloe vera is highly prized for its medicinal qualities.

Agave—How to Grow Agave Indoors
Tips on how to grow agave species as houseplants, including advice on watering, sunlight, and propagation.

Desert Rose—How to Grow Desert Rose Plants
Tips for growing desert rose plants. These are beautiful plants with swollen stems and striking flowers, but their sap is poisonous.

Donkey's Tail—How to Grow Sedum Morganianum
Tips on how to grow the popular donkey's tail succulent plant, including advice on watering, feeding and propagation.

Echinocereus—How to Grow Echinocereus Cactus Indoors
Tips on how to grow the Echinocereus cactus indoors.

Echeveria—How to Grow Echeveria Succulents
Tips on watering, light and feeding for growing the popular Echeveria succulents.

Barrel Cactus—Growing Echinocactus Indoors
Tips on how to grow the Echinocactus genus of barrel cacti indoors.

Gasteria—Growing Gasteria Succulents
Tips on how to grow the Gasteria genus of succulents, including information on propagation and cultural requirements.

Haworthia—Growing Haworthia Succulents
How to grow Haworthia succulents inside.

Jade Plants—How to Grow Crassula Species
Tips on growing the popular jade plant, including watering, feeding and light levels for the best performance.

Kalanchoe -- Growing Kalanchoe Plants
How to grow both flowering and non-flowering Kalanchoe plants, including the popular K. blossfeldiana. Tips on watering, propagation and light.

Living Stones—Growing Living Stones Plants
How to grow "living stones" plants, including tips on their annual growth cycles and watering needs.

Pencil Cactus—How to Grow Euphorbia tirucalli
Tips for how to grow the pencil cactus as a houseplant, including tips for propagation, light levels, and a warning to avoid the plant's toxic milky latex.

Sempervivum—Growing Hen and Chicks Succulents
Tips on how to grow and propagate the popular Sempervivum succulents, including guidelines for warmth, repotting, and watering.

Doryanthes—Growing Doryanthes Indoors
Tips on how to grow the Doryanthes plants, including advice for light and watering to achieve a maximal bloom.

Growing Bijilia

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