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Drymate Plant Coasters

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Drymate Plant Coasters

Drymate plant coasters

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The Bottom Line

This works pretty much as advertised. Put it under a plant tray and you'll no longer need to worry about drips and spills. They are superabsorbent, yet also waterproof, and available in enough sizes to cover most indoor plants.


  • Absorbs a great deal of water
  • Lightweight
  • Does not soak through
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Vague caution about damaging "some surfaces" ... which ones exactly?


  • Round plant coasters made from superabsorbent dry mate technology.
  • Available in green or tan.
  • Available in four sizes, ranging from 6-inch rounds to 12-inch rounds.

Guide Review - Drymate Plant Coasters

I've used one of these for a month and run some kitchen-table tests on them to see if they actually work. And guess what? It's great. I poured almost two ounces of water straight onto an eight-inch plant coaster under which I had placed a bathroom tissue. The coaster easily absorbed all the water and the tissue underneath was dry even after 10 minutes. These are a great idea for any surface that cannot get wet. My sole quibble with the product is a vague "may damage some surfaces" warning on the back. Which surfaces? We have a black lacquered piano upon which I grow lucky bamboo. My wife, because of that warning, was worried the coaster would damage it, so she put a paper towel under the coaster. Seems like it kind of defeats the purpose. The manufacturer recommends using two coasters in this situation, with the plastic backing sides toward each other. That's fine, except it doubles the cost. But, really, this is not a big thing. Speaking as one who has left numerous water stains on the tops of speakers, dressers, floors and tables, these coasters are a simple and cost-effective way to protect your furniture.
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