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How to increase your stock by propagating your own plants from cuttings, layering and division. We also include sections on how to use root hormone and prevent common problems encountered while propagating.
  1. Seedlings (3)

How to Sprout Palm Trees from Seed
Step by step instructions for sprouting most species of palm trees

How to root plants from cuttings

How to Root Cuttings at Home
How to root young plants from cuttings, including the use of rooting hormone and tips for success.

Rooting Hormone — How to Use Rooting Hormone
How to propagate plants using powdered rooting hormone.

Propagating Lucky Bamboo — How to Root Lucky Bamboo Plants
How to propagate your lucky bamboo plants, in soil and water.

Forcing Spring-Flowering Bulbs Indoors
Learn how to force spring-flowering bulbs like hyacinth and tulips indoors, so you can enjoy their blooms for another year.

Using Runners, Offsets and Division
A slightly more advanced look at plant propagation, including methods for using runners and offsets to increase your plant stock, from the Garden Gang.

Growing Herbs from Seed
Herbs are wonderfully rewarding plants to grow from seed. They grow quickly and are not difficult to start from seed. Ohio State University's guide to growing herbs from seeds carries plants all the way from seed packet to harvest and using herbs.

Dividing Bulbs
Some of the most magnificent indoor plants, including the amaryllis, are bulbs. Many people discard these plants after the flower is gone, but Gardening-Howto offers a simple program for dividing and saving bulbs that will bloom year after year.

What are Organic Seeds?
What are organic seeds? A simple definition of how to identify organic seeds and a warning about the plants that result from sowing organic seeds.

Why Can't I Grow Many Fruits from Seeds?
Many experts recommend that people avoid trying to grow certain popular fruits and vegetables from seed. In most cases, these plants are hybrids.

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