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Dangerous Plants

How to identify poisonous and otherwise dangerous house plants, including tips for treatment.

Poisonous Houseplants—Is My Plant Poisonous?
Learn which houseplants are poisonous to pets and children

Plants that are not Poisonous—Non-poisonous Houseplants
Learn which plants are not poisonous and safe for your home.

Are Poinsettia's Poisonous?
Parents are frequently warned away from poinsettias because of the plant's supposed toxicity. But is it true? Is the beloved symbol of Christmas really a danger to pets and children?

Protecting Yourself from Cactus Injury
Cactus spines are meant to protect the plant—at the expense of whoever touches it, including gardeners. Bella Online offers tips for handling cactus to prevent a painful finger-stick.

A Guide to Poisonous Plants
A guide to poisonous and toxic plants from Cornell University.

Plants That Can Hurt Your Pet
Some varieties of plants have been known to cause serious injury and even death to household pets. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provides a list of 17 plants that should never be in a pet-owner's home.

Are Carnivorous Plants Dangerous?
The question sometimes arises if meat-eating plants pose a threat to children or pets. The International Society of Carnivorous Plants addresses this question directly. It turns out we're a bigger threat to carnivorous plants than they are to us.

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