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A guide to common household plant pests and methods to control them.

Aphids—How to Control Aphids on Indoor Plants
How to identify and control aphids on indoor plants.

Mealybugs—How to Control Mealybugs
Mealy bug infestations are common on greenhouse and indoor plants. Find out what these pests are and how to best control them.

Whitefly Control—How to Control Whiteflies on Houseplants
Whiteflies are a common problem for indoor plants, including greenhouse plants. Find out how to identify and control these annoying insects.

What are Leafminers—Controlling Leafminers
How to identify and control leafminers on ornamental and food plants

Thrips--Managing Thrips on Houseplants and Greenhouses
How to identify and control thrips on houseplants or in greenhouses, including a description of their life cycles and safe methods for treatment.

What Is Insecticidal Soap?—Using Insecticidal Soap
Learn what insecticidal soaps are, how they work, and how to make your own.

Pyrethrin Insecticides—What Is Pyrethrin Insecticide?
How to use and make organic pyrethrin insecticide, including descriptions of which pests it's effective against and recipes for making your own

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