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Watering and Potting

Describes how to correctly water and pot container-grown plants, including tips on picking or mixing potting soil and repotting your plants
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Blooming Your Holiday Poinsettias
How to keep your holiday poinsettias blooming year after year. Follow this schedule of resting, growth and forcing flowers to bring back your holiday color.

Overwintering Ficus
How to keep your ficus plant healthy during the long, cold winters. These plants are designed to thrive in the tropics, not in cold, temperate winters. By following these simple tips, you can guarantee a healthy ficus tree for years to come, even in the coldest regions.

An Introduction to Hydroponics
A hydroponics system uses no soil. Instead the plants are grown in a circulating bath of nutrient-rich water. This advanced method allows growers to control the nutrient levels precisely and produce very healthy plants. Horticulturists at the University of Illinois have assembled an introduction to hobby hydroponics.

Watering Hanging Epiphytes the Easy Way
Learn how to water your mounted epiphytic plants (including your orchids and ferns) without destroying your house.

Tips for Watering Houseplants—How to Water Plants
Stop killing your plants with water! General tips on how to water houseplants for a long, healthy life.

Flushing Houseplants—Flushing Fertilizer Salts from Potted Plants
Learn about the importance of flushing fertilizer salts from your houseplants and get tips on how to do it right.

Humidity and Houseplants—How to Increase Humidity
Tips on how to provide adequate humidity for your houseplants

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