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A glossary of terms associated with plants.

A definition of a bract

Definition of bulbs

Compound Leaf
A description and definition of compound leaves in plants

Simple Leaf
A definition and description of simple leaves on plants

What is a keiki?

Pine Bark Fines
What are pine bark fines?

A definition of spadix in relation to plants

Definition and description of perlite, including medical warnings.

A definition of spathe

Sphagnum Peat Moss
A description of sphagnum peat moss.

A definition and description of variegated plant leaves

Glossary of Gardening Terms
About.com's glossary of gardening and plant-related terms.

Plant Terms
Ever wondered what a palmate leaf is exactly? Pima College provides a quick primer on terms biologists use to describe plant shapes and forms.

Plant Biology
A more advanced discussion of plant biology, from Ohio State University, including classification of different kinds of plants and plant chemistry.

Tropical Plant Glossary
From the University of Hawaii, a glossary of terms and problems that affect tropical plants. Most houseplants are tropical, and although this glossary is aimed at outdoor growers, these same principles still frequently affect indoor gardeners.

A Glossary of Orchid Terms
Ever wondered what a keiki is? Orchids sometimes seem to come with their own vocabulary. Here is a comprehensive list of terms associated with orchid growing, from Orchidmania.

Understanding Plant Names—Binomial Nomenclature Explained
A simple guide to understanding Latin plant names, including a discussion on hybrids and cultivars

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