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Displaying Houseplants

Describing how to best display your houseplants while protecting your furniture and floors. We cover special techniques, including grouping plants for maximum appeal and using special displays such as wall brackets, baskets and columns. Also, caring for and protecting seasonal plants.
  1. Terrariums (3)

Hanging Baskets for Plants
An introduction to caring for and displaying hanging indoor plants.

Feng Shui and Houseplants
Understanding and applying feng shui concepts to houseplants in your home.

A Few Tips for Displaying Your Plants
Excerpted from "Thirty-seven Houseplants Even You Can't Kill," this article from MyLifetime.com offers a few great tips to beautify your home with novel plant displays.

Interiorscaping Your Home
Interiorscaping is the art of using plants to enliven the decor in your home, similar to landscaping outside. Rather than one or two plants, interiorscaping means using the whole house as your growing area. About.com's landscaping site offers a nice introduction to interiorscaping.

Your Windowsill Herb Garden
Nothing says bountiful like an indoor windowsill herb garden. Growing herbs inside offers the advantage of supplying your kitchen with fresh herbs all year long, and turning a simple window into an indoor garden. About.com's Gardening site offers an introduction to indoor herb gardening.

What Is Photoperiodism in Plants — Short-Day Plants
A simple explanation of how light can affect your plants' flowering schedule and how to force blooms of certain plants

Growing Annuals Indoors—Flowering Plants Inside
Tips on how to grow beautiful containers of flowers indoors to bring your outdoor garden inside!

Staking Up Plants—How to Stake Up Houseplants
Learn how to stake up various kinds of houseplants, including vines and climbing plants

Pruning Houseplants—How to Prune Houseplants
Tips and tricks on the proper way to prune and trim houseplants (including which plants you should never prune!)

Plant Lighting—Understanding Natural Light for Houseplants
A description of how plants use light and how to measure indoor light intensity with natural light (not artificial lights).

How to Make a Living Wall—Mounting Aroids
How to build a "living wall" to display aroids and other epiphytes

What Is A Rest Period?
A description of rest periods for plants as well as an explanation of their benefits and the different types of rest periods.

Parts of a Plant
A basic description of the parts of a plant aimed at novices or beginners to growing houseplants.

What Is Bonsai?
A beginner's description of bonsai, including a description of the containers and plant material that are used to create bonsai.

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