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How to diagnose and correct common problems


Problems with indoor plants can quickly get out of hand. We're growing in containers, where there's less margin for error with watering and fertilizing, and pest infestations can quickly get out of hand. Learn how to quickly diagnose and correct problems with your houseplants.
  1. Leaf Problems
  2. Pests
  3. Pesticides and Fungicides for Indoor Use

Leaf Problems

Yellowing leaves? Brown spots? Leaf drop? These are all pretty common problems with houseplants, and unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to pin down the problem. Start here to figure out what might be causing your issue, then take steps to correct it.


A pest infestation can be devastating to an indoor plant collection. Without natural predators indoors, pests problems can quickly get out of hand. Check your plants frequently for pests and move quickly to treat them once you've identified a problem.

Pesticides and Fungicides for Indoor Use

Most people are leery of using pesticides or fungicides indoors for very good reason—we share our living space with houseplants, so anything you spray inside better be safe because you, your children, and your pets will likely be coming into direct contact with it. For this reason, the articles below focus on lower toxicity chemicals. As always, however, don't assume ANY chemical is safe and remember "The Label is the Law." Always follow label instructions exactly for the safest use.

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