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Plant Pests and Diseases

How to protect your houseplants from common diseases and pests. Also, once your plant is suffering from a disease or pest, effective methods to correct the problem, while protecting the rest of your plants. We discuss common problems such as mold, fungus, scale, white flies, mealy bugs, and others. Organic, environmentally-friendly products are also featured.
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Leaf Tip Burn—Dealing with Leaf Scorching and Tip Burn
Find out what causes leaf-tip burn and leaf-margin burn and how to prevent it.

What's Wrong With My Plant?
When a plant begins to fail, the first step is to figure out what's wrong. Not only will this help you fix the problem, it will allow you to protect the rest of your stock from infectious agents or pests. This article from TheGardenHelper.com can help you begin to diagnose what's ailing your plants.

Neem Oil: Safe for Indoor Use
Neem oil is a natural insecticide extracted from the neem tree. Many indoor gardeners are understandably worried about using toxic chemicals in their homes. Neem oil provides a safe alternative, according to the Neem Foundation.

Pesticide Safety Issues
Pesticides are sometimes necessary to rid a plant of deadly bugs. However, these chemicals can also pose a serious danger, especially when used in the home. The Environmental Protection Agency helps people identify dangerous pesticides and gives recommendations for their use. As always, carefully read any pesticide label and follow the directions exactly.

How to diagnose and correct common problems
Articles that help people solve their plant problems.

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