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Baking Soda Spray—Using Baking Soda on Plants

How to make and use organic baking soda spray to prevent and cure fungal issues on plants

How are Phalaenopsis orchids grown commercially?

An explanation of how commercial growers produce so many large, perfect phalaenopsis (and why yours don't like so good).

Keeping Your Holiday Poinsettias

How to keep your holiday poinsettias blooming year after year. Follow this schedule of resting, growth and forcing flowers to bring back your holiday color.

Can I grow water lilies indoors?

Can you grow water lilies indoors in a container? Here is a description of water lilies and advice on how they best grow.

What Is Bonsai?

A beginner's description of bonsai, including a description of the containers and plant material that are used to create bonsai.

Parts of a Plant

A basic description of the parts of a plant aimed at novices or beginners to growing houseplants.

What Is A Rest Period?

A description of rest periods for plants as well as an explanation of their benefits and the different types of rest periods.

Why Can't I Grow Many Fruits from Seeds?

Many experts recommend that people avoid trying to grow certain popular fruits and vegetables from seed. In most cases, these plants are hybrids.

How to Make a Living Wall—Mounting Aroids

How to build a "living wall" to display aroids and other epiphytes

How to Sprout Palm Trees from Seed

Step by step instructions for sprouting most species of palm trees

Understanding Plant Names—Binomial Nomenclature Explained

A simple guide to understanding Latin plant names, including a discussion on hybrids and cultivars

What are Organic Seeds?

What are organic seeds? A simple definition of how to identify organic seeds and a warning about the plants that result from sowing organic seeds.

Humidity and Houseplants—How to Increase Humidity

Tips on how to provide adequate humidity for your houseplants

Plant Lighting—Understanding Natural Light for Houseplants

A description of how plants use light and how to measure indoor light intensity with natural light (not artificial lights).

Pruning Houseplants—How to Prune Houseplants

Tips and tricks on the proper way to prune and trim houseplants (including which plants you should never prune!)

Staking Up Plants—How to Stake Up Houseplants

Learn how to stake up various kinds of houseplants, including vines and climbing plants

Flushing Houseplants—Flushing Fertilizer Salts from Potted Plants

Learn about the importance of flushing fertilizer salts from your houseplants and get tips on how to do it right.

Tips for Watering Houseplants—How to Water Plants

Stop killing your plants with water! General tips on how to water houseplants for a long, healthy life.

History of Wardian Case—What Is A Wardian Case?

A brief history of Wardian Case, or the first terrariums that were used to collect tropical plants in the 19th century

Growing Annuals Indoors—Flowering Plants Inside

Tips on how to grow beautiful containers of flowers indoors to bring your outdoor garden inside!

Understanding Orchid Names—Reading Orchid Labels

Orchid names can be confusing, but in reality, the naming of orchids is governed by a very logical system that gives you all the information you need to know in plant's name. Find out how to read orchid labels, including common abbreviations.

Orchid Hybridization—Understanding Orchid Hybrids

Orchid hybrids are created by crossing genus or species, including established hybrids. You can tell an orchid's parentage from its name.

Begonias—Introduction to Growing Begonias

How to identify and grow begonias, one of the world's most popular genus of plants with more than 1,500 species

Thrips--Managing Thrips on Houseplants and Greenhouses

How to identify and control thrips on houseplants or in greenhouses, including a description of their life cycles and safe methods for treatment.

Mounting Epiphytes—How to Mount Orchids and Other Epiphytes

Learn how to mount epiphytic plants on various kinds of mounts

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