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Mounting Epiphytes—How to Mount Orchids and Other Epiphytes


While it's possible to grow many epiphytes in conventional containers with specialized potting media, one of the great joys in growing these plants is the way they cling to surfaces, seemingly floating in mid-air or springing from cork boards and driftwood.

Epiphytic plants are those that grow attached to other plants. They are not parasites-they do not hurt the host plants. They only grow on their surfaces. Typical epiphytes include orchids, ferns, and bromeliads.

Epiphytes can be grown on a number of mounting surfaces, including tree fern plaques, drfitwood, cork, and larger, rough-barked trees. There are a number of ways to attach epiphytes to their mounts:

  • Tie it. You can use anything to tie the plant to its mount, but many people use old pantyhose. They stretch to accomodate plant growth and they're very inexpensive. Remember, if you're tying the epiphyte to a growing plant, don't use anything that will constrict the growth of the main plant.
  • Glue it. You can use a hot glue gun to attach the epiphyte to its base. Many people use these with great success.
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