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Potting Soil Recommendations for Indoor & Container Plants
We indoor gardeners ask a great deal out of our potting soil. We want it to support and nourish our plants, often for years at a time. But the truth is, most bagged ...
Potting Soil Test, #1 - About Houseplants & Indoor Gardens
Aug 9, 2009 ... A head-to-head comparison of a custom mix potting soil against a market-leading bagged mix and a garden soil.
Potting Soil Test #1 — Three Month Results
Three-month results of a straight comparison of a custom-blend soil mix, Scott's Miracle-Gro potting soil, and garden soil.
The Difference Between Potting Soil and Potting Mix
Good potting soil is really a "soiless" combination of peat or coir, pine bark and vermiculite or perlite, none of which provide any nutrition to plants.
Make Potting Soil - Flowers - About.com
Conventional potting soil mixes commonly rely on commercial topsoil, which may be treated with chemicals to kill weed seeds and pathogens. Conventional ...
Potting Soil or Potting Mix - Container Gardening - About.com
The advantages and disadvantages of reusing potting soil.
Fill Your Garden Planters with Potting Soil - Container Gardening
When you use less potting soil, you have less water retention and as a result, a smaller margin for error in feeding and watering your plants. If you are using a ...
Which Potting Soil Is Best? - About Houseplants & Indoor Gardens
Aug 9, 2009 ... Because potting soil is so important—and relatively hard to change—it's extra important to pay careful attention to your potting media and start ...
Add Potting Soil To Your Lettuce Garden Bag - Container Gardening
Add potting soil to your vegetable container garden until it is about an inch from the top of the bag. Pick the bag up by the handles and gently tap the bottom on ...
Organic Potting Soil - Gardening - About.com
Do you need organic potting soil in your containers? Maybe not. But if you have the choice, wouldn't you rather have healthy, living soil rather than a growing ...
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