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How to Grow Healthy Succulent Plants - Houseplants - About.com
Technically, a succulent is any plant with thick, fleshy (succulent) water storage organs. Succulents store water in their leaves, their stems or their roots.
Tips on Growing Kalanchoe Plants - Houseplants - About.com
Simply cut off the flowering head, let the plant rest with reduced water, and resume its normal care. It should flower naturally in spring. Professional growers force ...
Zebra Plants—How to Grow Aphelandra Houseplants
How to grow zebra plants indoors, including tips for watering, humidity and feeding ... Commonly called the zebra plant, the aphelandra has it all: great foliage and ... Plants · How to Grow Healthy Succulents in Your Garden · How to ...
Home Based Business Idea - Indoor Plant Care ... - Home Business
An indoor plant care home based business can be fun and profitable. If you've been thinking about a plant care home business, here's what you need to know.
Winter Plant Care - Gardening - About.com
Tender plants won't make it through the winter outdoors, in frosty climates. That doesn't mean they're compost. Here are some ideas for over-wintering all kinds ...
Dianthus Plants, How to Grow and Care for Carnations, Pinks and ...
An easy to understand guide to growing and caring for Carnation plants, Pinks, Sweet Williams and other members of the Dianthus family.
Growing Rubber Plant Ficus Elastic Indoors - Houseplants - About.com
All the leaves dropped and the plant died. I still don't know what killed it (I wasn't the one taking care of it, so I have no idea who was doing what), but I do ...
Caring for Ice Plants - Gardening - About.com
Ice plants, like many drought tolerant succulents, can almost take care of themselves. But here's some advice for keeping your plants happy and long blooming.
Caring for Orchids—What Do I Do With My Gift Orchid? - Houseplants
So you got an orchid as a gift and don't know how to take care of it? ... easy guide to caring for gift orchids to make the bloom last longer and transition the plant ...
How to Grow Lucky Bamboo Plants - Houseplants - About.com
How to grow and shape lucky bamboo plants, including tips on troubleshooting yellowing and diseased plants. ... Caring for Your Lucky Bamboo. Light: Lucky ...
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