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Fertilizer Basics — How to Feed Plants - Houseplants - About ...
Many people overlook the importance of fertilizing indoor plants. That's unfortunate because feeding is essential to keeping healthy, beautiful plants. Unlike an ...
How to Grow Palm Trees Indoors - Houseplants - About.com
Palm Growing: The Basics. Like all plants, palms need the right balance of moisture, light, fertilizer and warmth to thrive. This varies among the different kinds of ...
Growing Ferns Indoors — The Basics - Houseplants - About.com
Fern Basics — How to Keep Your Ferns Thriving ... Ferns are some of the oldest plants in the world—they've been thriving for 300 million years and grow in an ...
Seed Starting - The Basics of Growing Plants from Seed - Gardening
Starting plants from seed gives you a huge selection of plant varieties to choose from. Seed starting is easy and doesn't require much more than soil, seeds and ...
Gardening Basics - How to Start a Garden
A little planning goes a long way, when starting a garden. Here's some guidance for deciding where to put it, what you'll need, where to begin and what to plant.
Planting A Seed: The Basics of Botany - About.com
Botany is the study of plants. Plants are essential to life on earth, as they provide oxygen, food, clothing, and comfort to humans and animals.
Getting Started in the Garden - Basic Techniques and Terms for the ...
Gardening basics to get any gardener off to a good start, including evaluating a site, selecting healthy plants and analyzing the soil.
Garden Design Elements and Planting Basics
Before You Start Planting, Garden Design Basics to Save You Future Headaches ... Without a main feature, the viewer's eye is more likely to flit from plant to ...
Vegetable Container Gardening - About.com
However, vegetable container gardening can be a frustrating and expensive endeavor if your plants don't thrive and produce. The following list of basic tips ...
Biology (Introduction and the Basics)
The key to understanding biology is understanding basic biology concepts. Here you will ... Cell Anatomy. Cellular Processes; Genetics; Microbes; Plant Basics ...
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