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All About Orchids - About Houseplants & Indoor Gardens
Orchids are not especially difficult to grow, but they do have some specialized requirements. You want to find the right balance of temperature, water, humidity,  ...
Orchids - About Houseplants & Indoor Gardens
A description of orchids that can be grown as houseplants.
Orchids as houseplants - About Houseplants & Indoor Gardens
How to repot epiphytic and terrestrial orchids. One of the most important steps any orchid grower can take for long-lasting, healthy plants is knowing when (and  ...
Tips on Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids
Most people are introduced to orchids through phalaenopsis orchids. These are the thick-leaved plants with elegant, arching sprays of blooms that can be seen ...
How to Grow Orchids Indoors - About Houseplants & Indoor Gardens
How to grow orchids as houseplants, including tips on repotting, watering and positioning your orchid to increase your chances of success.
Cattleya Orchids - Watering, Feeding & Repotting Houseplants
How to grow and bloom cattleya orchids. Tips on watering, feeding and repotting.
Growing Dendrobium Orchids and Cane
How to grow the popular dendrobium hybrid orchids.
Orchid Identification Photos - Flowers - About.com
Once you develop more than a passing interest in orchids, you will quickly notice how diverse this exotic plant family is. Encompassing genera that yield both the ...
How are Phalaenopsis orchids grown commercially?
If you've ever even casually glanced at a sales table of phalaenopsis orchids , you've no doubt noticed the striking similarity among the plants. They are ...
Watering Orchids Correctly and Common Mistakes
How to water orchids correctly, with tips on frequency and common mistakes.
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