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Growing Cacti — Healthy Cactus Plants
There are two varieties of cacti grown as houseplants, and both are popular and readily familiar. The desert cacti are the "traditional" cacti, usually covered with ...
Growing Ball (Parodia) Cacti - Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions
The Parodia genus includes a multitude of showy and easy-to-grow small ball cacti. After a reorganization of the genus, the Parodia genus now includes plants  ...
Crown Cactus—Growing Rebutia Cacti
Commonly called crown cacti, the Rebutia genus includes some of the most popular and easiest to grow cacti, making them perfect for beginnings. These plants ...
Powder Puff Cacti—Growing Mammillaria Species Cacti
The Mammillaria zeilmanniana may be the world's most common cactus in cultivation. The plant features rings of flowers around the crown. Manuel M. Ramos/ ...
Pencil Cactus—How to Grow Euphorbia tirucalli
The so-called pencil cactus is actually a Euphorbia tirucalli, thus making it a succulent as opposed to a true cactus. There are many thousands of Euphorbia, and ...
Sea Urchin Cactus—Growing Echinopsis Cactus Indoors
The Echinopsis genus of cacti includes dozens of species from South America. This group includes large columnar cactus that were formerly in the genus ...
Growing Grafted "Ruby Ball" Cactus
How to grow the common ruby ball cactus, a grafted cactus featuring the colorful Gymnocalycium mihanovichii.
Types of Cacti and Succulents Video - Landscaping - About.com
Want to learn about the various types of cacti and succulents that you can use as houseplants? This video will teach you all about cacti and succulents.
Succulents and cacti - About Houseplants & Indoor Gardens
A guide to commonly grown indoor succulents and cacti.
Pictures of Cacti and Succulents - Landscaping - About.com
Cacti and succulents range in size from tiny plants best appreciated in terrariums to monsters like the saguaro. View my pictures (including photos of Agave) for ...
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